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8 Reasons to Gift Experiences this Holiday Season

We've all been there - whether we are standing in a Black Friday line for hours in order to get the hottest gift of the year, or quickly adding items to our carts on Amazon to get the best flash deals on TVs, toys, and other fun gifts, these processes are exhilarating, yet so stressful. Why do we do this to ourselves every year? This holiday season, we encourage you to think outside the box and give the gift of an experience. It's time to ditch the physical, traditional gifts and give an experience they'll remember forever. Keep reading to discover the amazing benefits of experience gifts!

Indestructible & Never Lost

All of us have lost something that someone gave us over the holidays - it's just human nature! There's nothing worse than having to tell someone you lost the gift they gave you. In addition, parents know that the toys they give their children break far too often. With the gift of an experience, you'll never have to worry about it breaking or getting lost in a closet. Experience gifts usually come in the form of a gift card or something intangible, making it easy to keep ahold of. Just remember to book that appointment, spend that gift card, or schedule that upcoming vacation and you're good to go!

Something they'll Remember Forever

Inside jokes and making memories is bound to happen when you give the gift of an experience! A trip to Jellystone Park™ is the perfect setting for building relationships and plenty of stories to come. Your gift will be the starting point of "Remember when..." conversations and lots of bonding with loved ones. These gifts are sure to be remembered forever for years to come.

Gives you Something to Look Forward to

Physical gifts give you satisfaction and happiness in the moment, but experience gifts give you excitement both in the moment and all the time leading up to the experience! If you give the gift of a camping trip to someone, the excitement will continue to build as you start packing and will continue throughout your trip. Now that's a win win!

More Personal & Unique

Giving the most popular toy or gift of the year can be exciting, but it's definitely not a personal gift that someone will remember for years to come. Gifts that were given additional thought go a long way and will be much more appreciated. It's time to get your thinking caps on and discover what your loved ones will be surprised and thankful to unwrap!

An Opportunity to Try Something New

Has your loved one ever wanted to go skydiving? How about repeatedly telling you that they want to try out a new hairstyle but aren't ready to commit to the expense? Or maybe they aren't a fan of roughing it in the outdoors, but are interested in glamping? Whatever idea your loved one is hoping to try, this is the perfect opportunity to give them just that! Your gift may eventually lead to a hobby or lifelong tradition - and you were a part of making that happen.

A Gift that has Something for Everyone

Wondering what the perfect experience gift for kids would be compared to adults? When you book a vacation, you're guaranteed that this gift will be something everyone will enjoy. For example, if you book a stay at Jellystone Park™ Lazy River, the options are infinite. Parents can enjoy relaxing in the lazy river, reading inside the screened-in porch of your luxury cabin, or renting a kayak along the Wallkill River. Teenagers will enjoy the swimming pools, mini golf course, Lazer Tag, and sports courts. Meanwhile, younger kids will love our Water Zone, jumping pillows, and playgrounds! As you can see, there's something for everyone when you give the gift of camping.

Improves your Mental Health

It's proven that experience gifts improve your overall mental health. If you give the gift of camping, this allows your loved ones to get outside, enjoy nature, and soak in that vitamin D. If you give the gift of a spa day, this allows your loved ones to get pampered and get into relaxation mode. If you give the gift of a comedy show, you're allowing your loved one to take a break from their normal routine and enjoy a night full of laughter and creativity. No matter what experience gift you choose, your recipient's mental health will thank you.

Provides Multiple Experiences in One Gift

Experience gifts are gifts that keep on giving! Traditional toys create only a few memories - like opening the gift, using it for the first time, and who got it for you. On the other hand, experience gifts are never-ending with memories! If you give the gift of camping at our Camp-Resort, memories will be flooding in from check-in to check-out! Some memories that will be made include the roadtrip to and from, stepping into your cabin for the first time, watching the kids splash the day away at the Water Zone, telling scary stories around the campfire, making a mess with s'mores, and hugging Yogi Bear™ for the first time. Every experience is unique, but you'll always have many to reminisce about.


It's time to make the 2023 holiday season one to remember by giving the gift of experiences! Whether you choose to give the gift of camping, a new hobby, or treat yourself day, you'll feel good about providing memories they'll never forget. If you're looking to book a future stay for someone at Jellystone Park™ Lazy River, you can do so by booking online! Or, if you'd like to give a Jellystone Park™ gift card, you can buy one here. Happy Holidays!