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Basic Camping Etiquette You Need To Know
In order to have the best camping experience possible, it's crucial to know basic camping etiquette that both experienced and first-time campers should follow. Although some etiquette like respecting others and being tidy is self explanatory, there are other items you may not even consider to be disrespectful. We've outlined 6 basic camping etiquette manners you should know prior to your camping trip for the ultimate outdoor getaway.
Get a quiet nights sleep while camping in New York.

Respect Quiet Hours

The end of an adventurous day can be both disappointing and relieving. I mean, who isn't excited for a good night's sleep after a long day in the sun?! With this being said, it's important to respect the campground's quiet hours even if you aren't ready for the night to end. This applies to both humans and any pets you bring with you! Here at Jellystone Park™ Lazy River, our quiet hours are from 10PM - 8AM daily. Although these hours may seem early to the fellow night owls, our Camp-Resort is full of families with young children who have early bedtimes. Plus, any early risers should consider our quiet hours too - as some people may want to sleep in a little longer during their vacation! Our Rangers do their best at patrolling our Camp-Resort to make sure all campers are following these rules, but it's important to keep you and your family accountable.
Respect your neighbors while camping in New York.

Don't Cut Through Other Campsites

Imagine you're at home and you see a family walking across your yard, instead of the sidewalk, so they can save an extra couple of steps. Odds are, you'd probably feel a little annoyed. The same holds true when you're camping! It's important to respect each other's privacy and space by avoiding walking onto other campsites that aren't your own. Whether the cabin or campsite is occupied or not, make sure to be respectful and only walk on your own site. Our campground has numerous roads and paths that are cleared for walking and biking, which is much safer than cutting across a grassy and uneven campsite.
Take care of nature during your family camping vacation.

Clean-Up After Yourself

This may seem like common knowledge, but this camping etiquette piece is key to having the perfect outdoor getaway! When at your cabin or campsite, make sure to throw away any food that's not being eaten. You never know...Yogi Bear™ may take a nibble or two! When you're getting ready to head home, it's important to follow the golden rule of leaving your campsite better than you found it. This means to throw any garbage away in the trash, take care of any towels or bedding, and triple checking that you packed everything.
In addition to respecting your campsite, it's crucial to clean up after yourself everywhere you go! When you're at our Water Zone, make sure to gather anything from your table before you leave and throw any trash away. If you're shopping for candy at the Ranger Station, throw away unwanted wrappers into the trash so you can keep this amenity tidy for everyone. No matter where you are, our staff and fellow campers will thank you for cleaning up after yourself!
Enjoy a campfire while camping at Jellystone Park!

No Outside Firewood

Many campgrounds, like Jellystone Park™ Lazy River, do not allow outside firewood. This may seem wasteful, but the main reason is to protect the trees and other species that inhabit the area. Bringing in outside firewood risks the possibility of carrying the Emerald Ash Borer, or other tree killing insects and diseases. We all love the trees due to the cooling shade they provide, so let's make sure to stick with native firewood! For your ease, Jellystone Park™ Lazy River carries firewood at the Ranger Station for purchase and even has a delivery option!
Bring your dog camping with you to jellystone park!

Take Care Of Your Pet

In addition to keeping your pet quiet during quiet hours, please remember to clean up after them, always keep them on a leash, and don't leave your pet alone at your cabin or campsite. When cleaning up after them, always remember to bring bags wherever you go with them and dispose the bags into the trash immediately. Keeping your pet on a leash will give both you and other camper's peace of mind. You won't be worried that your pet will run off, and other campers who may not want unknown dogs greeting them will be thankful. Lastly, making sure someone is with your pet at all times is a great way to abide by the quiet hours. If for some reason you need to leave your pet unoccupied for a small period of time, crate training is required at our Camp-Resort. This way, there's no worry that the pet will find a way out!
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Follow The Speed Limit

Slowwww down! When you're in the great outdoors, the adrenaline starts pumping and makes it easy to go over the speed limit when driving a car or golf cart. In order to keep everyone safe, please make sure to follow the campground's speed limit. Our Camp-Resort's speed limit is 5MPH. We know that may seem excruciatingly slow, but we want our Camp-Resort to feel like a safe place for all. If you feel that you aren't driving incredibly slow, then odds are you're driving too fast. Take your foot off the pedal and soak in the gorgeous scenery around you!
We hope this blog has helped you prepare for your upcoming camping trip! It's important to following basic camping etiquette and respect your fellow campers at all times. One rule you surely can't forget - make sure to always save room for fun! We hope to see you soon in the great outdoors!
For more information about our New York campground, check out common FAQs, Rules & Policies, and our Guest Dashboard for information on amenity hours, daily activities, the Camp-Resort map, and more.